Scientific Programme

Scientific Programme


At ISPPD-12 we plan to have an informative and exciting programme that highlights the areas of substantial recent progress while also posing the tough questions where progress has been more challenging.

  • Wherever possible, Plenary sessions will take a cross-disciplinary approach to major areas in the field.
  • Parallel sessions will allow us to explore specific topics that cover areas that include but are not limited to clinical issues, host-immune interactions, genomics, immunology, microbiology, epidemiology and the interface between these areas.
  • Meet-the-Expert sessions and Workshops will provide opportunities for interaction with professionals in smaller-structured settings.
  • Researchers at all levels will have an opportunity to present their work in interactive Poster sessions. Attention will be given to how to exchange knowledge and translate findings into policy that benefit individuals affected by or at risk of pneumococcal diseases worldwide.
  • Interactive Learning: All scientific sessions include Q&A portions. We encourage the audience to send questions via the ISPPD-12 Virtual Platform or Mobile App. The session chairs will moderate the questions and initiate discussions with the speakers after each presentation.

Please check the scientific programme* of ISPPD-12 via the buttons below. We have prepared a Programme at a Glance to provide a general overview of the Symposium, as well as an Interactive Programme for details on session times, speakers, lecture titles and more.
In addition, to find out more about the different session types, please follow the Session Details button below.


While ISPPD-12 is planned primarily as an in-person Symposium, a large portion of the programme will be live-streamed and/or recorded for up to 3 months of on-demand viewing, accessible via the Virtual Platform to all registered attendees. Please find below a guide on the in-person vs. online available sessions.

In-Person Only

  • All Workshop sessions – pre-registration and in-person attendance required. For more information on the Workshops please click HERE.
  • E-Poster Spotlight sessions – all spotlight talks (short orals) will be available only onsite at the Symposium venue at their designated date and time. The E-Posters of spotlight presenters will be accessible online via the ISPPD-12 Virtual Platform, Mobile App and E-Poster Stations. For more information on Poster sessions please click HERE.
  • Networking Events – all networking events will be held in person only. Pre-registration is required for most. For more information, please click HERE.

Accessible to Online Attendees

Online attendees will be able to view in real-time a large amount of the ISPPD-12 programme, ask questions and interact with other attendees via the Symposium’s Virtual Platform.

Live-streamed and recorded for up to 3 months of on-demand viewing:
  • Plenary sessions
  • Meet-the-Expert sessions
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Symposium
  • Parallel sessions*
  • Opening and Closing Ceremony

*Parallel sessions in Birchwood Ballroom will not be recorded onsite. Instead, pre-recordings of most presentations will be available to all participants who couldn’t attend the session in person.