GSK ISPPD 2024 Symposium

GSK ISPPD 2024 Symposium

GSK is proud to be supporting ISPPD at its 13th meeting in Cape Town, South Africa, to join in the fight against pneumonia and pneumococcal disease.

Join us on Wednesday 20 March at 08:00–09:00 SAST for our GSK-sponsored symposium, an official industry symposium of the 2024 ISPPD, ‘The Future of Pneumonia Prevention’, where our distinguished experts will discuss the epidemiology of respiratory co-infections, review the opportunities and challenges of current vaccine technologies, and explore innovative approaches to advance protection against a broad spectrum of pathogens.

  • Epidemiology and modelling of respiratory co-infections. Dr. Dan Weinberger, PhD
  • Vaccines and the opportunity for co-protection against respiratory disease. Prof. Ron Dagan, MD
  • MAPS: evolution of vaccine technology. Dr. Rick Malley, MD

Please watch the video to meet our Chair, David Willer, and learn more about our upcoming symposium.

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