Abstract Topics

Abstract Topics

1. Disease burden

Disease burden in infants and children

Epidemics, outbreaks, and special settings

Global pneumonia control

Pneumococcal epidemiology

2. Host-pathogen interactions



Host-pathogen interaction

Viral/bacterial interactions and microbiome

3. Vaccination strategies and impact

Vaccine effect on disease in children

Trends in non-vaccine serotypes

Mathematical modeling

4. Diagnosis and management

Diagnosis and diagnostic assays

Antimicrobial resistance

Conventional and molecular microbiology

Treatment of pneumonia and pneumococcal disease

5. Genetic sequencing

Genetic sequencing

6. Pneumococcal colonization

Pneumococcal colonization

7. Pneumococcal disease and prevention in adults

Disease burden in adults

Adult vaccination strategies

Indirect effects of paediatric programmes on disease in adults

8. Pneumococcal disease in high-risk populations

Pneumococcal disease in aboriginal populations

Pneumococcal disease in persons with high-risk conditions

9. Current state of vaccines and vaccine trials

Pneumococcal vaccines in development

Vaccine use and coverage

Economic studies

Vaccination policies

10. Pneumonia and Pneumococcal Disease in the time of COVID-19

COVID effects on pneumonia and pneumococcal disease burden

Effects of COVID on pneumococcal vaccine programmes

Management of community acquired pneumonia in the time of COVID

Emerging data on SARS-CoV2 and pneumococcus interaction