Industry Supported Symposia Programmes

Monday, 16 April  

Pneumococcal Vaccine Policy for Older Adults: Same Data, Different Recommendations

Symposium Organised by MSD

Chair: Robert Booy (Australia)

7:15       The Pneumococcal Vaccine Policy Landscape: Setting the Stage
              Robert Booy (Australia)

7:25       Serotype Epidemiology and Evolving Trends
              Shelly McNeil (Canada)

7:40       PCV-PPV23 Sequential Policy: the US Experience
              Lee Harrison (USA)

8:05       PPV23 only Policy: The Germany Experience
              Thomas Weinke (Germany)

8:30       Panel Discussion and Q&A



Tuesday, 17 April  

The epidemiology of pneumococcal disease as we approach a decade of higher valent PCV use.


Symposium Organised by GSK

Chair: William Hausdorff (Belgium)

07:15    Welcome and Introduction
             William Hausdorff (Belgium)

07:20    The evolution of our understanding of PCVs over the past 25 years
             William Hausdorff (Belgium) 

07:35    Experience on the sequential use of 3 PCVs in New Zealand
             Helen Petousis-Harris (New Zealand)

07:55    Public health impact beyond culture-confirmed IPD
             Arto Palmu (Finland)

08:15    PCV prevention of Otitis Media and effect on Antibiotic use/resistance
             Asgeir Haraldsson (Iceland)               

08:35    Panel Discussion and Q&A



Wednesday, 18 April  

Determining the Impact of Pneumococcal Vaccination: From Disease Burden to Vaccine Effectiveness


Symposium Organised by Pfizer

Chair: Bradford Gessner (USA)

7:15       Welcome and Introductions
              Bradford Gessner (USA)
7:20       Public Health Benefits of Prevenar 13 Across the Life Span
              Alejandro Cané (Argentina)
7:40       Revisiting the Burden of Community-Acquired Pneumonia in Adults
              Julio Ramirez (USA)
8:10       Evaluating Direct Protection in Older Adults: Real-World Effectiveness of PCV13
              John McLaughlin (USA)
8:30       Faculty Question and Answer Session
              Bradford Gessner (USA)

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