Robert Austrian Awards

Submission for the Robert Austrian Awards is now closed.

To honor the memory of Robert Austrian for his pioneering and immensely important research on pneumococci and pneumococcal diseases, Pfizer is sponsoring research awards in the field of pneumococcal vaccinology. Pfizer has selected the International Symposium of Pneumococci and Pneumococcal Diseases, ISPPD, to manage the Robert Austrian Research Awards in Pneumococcal Vaccinology. The ISPPD Advisory Board is responsible for the Robert Austrian Research Awards in Pneumococcal Vaccinology and has defined the research topics and criteria for the selection of award recipients. Based on these criteria, a committee, consisting of 3-5  members of the ISPPD Advisory Board will propose the award recipients to the ISPPD Advisory Board for approval. Recipients of the Robert Austrian Research Awards in Pneumococcal Vaccinology will be selected from applications and from nominations, based on a research proposal and curriculum vitae with a list of publications and a letter of recommendation. Up to ten Robert Austrian Research Awards in Pneumococcal Vaccinology of approximately $25,000 USD each will be awarded at the ISPPD-11, April 15-19, 2018. The award recipients are expected to present their results at ISPPD-12, 2020.


Preventing pneumococcal disease through research to discover, develop, and evaluate new and improved vaccines, delivery systems and vaccination strategies for an affordable and effective protection against pneumococci and to study the value of vaccination.


  • Young scientists (usually <40 years of age), including PhD students and post-doctoral. The age criteria could be waived for applicants from low-middle income countries who have an established research output of at least 5 manuscripts on pneumococcal disease in the previous five years, or who have received their PhD in the previous five years. Consideration will also be provided to individuals who have received their PhD more than 5 years ago, but whose career development was interrupted because of illness, or parental responsibilities. Established scientists at the Professorial level are not eligible for the awards.
  • At least one applicant from each of the geographical regions; Africa, Asia/Australasia, Europe, Latin America and North America will be awarded, provided that the Advisory Committee considers the proposal to be of a suitable quality.


Please prepare the following information before you begin your application:

  • Full name of applicant
  • Full contact details of applicant: address, telephone, fax, email
  • 2 letters of recommendation (acceptable format: GIF, BMP or JPEG)
  • A copy of ID with birth date clearly marked (GIF, BMP or JPEG). The age limit is 40
  • Research proposal 
  • CV
  • For applicants older than 40 years, provide an additional motivation as to why the application should be considered.

The Research proposal concept sheet should not exceed 5 pages (1.5 line spaced and Arial font size 12), exclusive of the proposed budget. The proposal needs to include a brief background and rational for the study, clearly articulated study objective/s, justified sample size (if applicable), study methodology to be employed, analytical plan and any ethics considerations and how those would be dealt with. Any additional sources of funding, for projects expected to exceed $25,000 should be declared.  


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